FAT MANIFIESTO from missogina on Vimeo.




Punk will never go on a diet

Our body, the first enemy

Its is now, in the fat present

Because one is not born fat, you become it.

We enunciate, “some girls are bigger than others”

We are de anarkorporeos ( anarko: anarquist; Korporeo: bodily)

We proclaim;

First of all, we will reconstruct our lives from what we are, what bothers,

The overflow, the pig that wants to live,

We are gluttonous; we are pure Eros turned into pleasure for good food and bacchanal

We like the warmth our fat gives us in those winter days,

And faced with a culture of modesty, good presence and good manners

We are the trench of the fascist/dictatorship of the skin

We are life overflown with oral pleasure

Because we love to eat and we do not wish to repress such desires

Only to please the family, or some random sex partner, or that boss that did not want to hire me because of my bad presence.

We are a walking accusation of the inconsistencies of the democracy of bodies,

at all costs.

Because we do not compromise our stomachs pleasures

We are the ones who do not resist disappearing before thinning bodily differences

Because being fat is not anecdotal, it is political, anti-establishment

What does not fit, that which exceeds, breaking boundaries, sewing and zippers, bus seats, borders, fictions, desires.

Here are my folds, here are my fat folds, here is the body that which does not belong, that apparently no one wants to fuck, this sick body.

We speak as Fats, from our stretch marks, cellulite, fatty and greasy folds, running through and overwhelming our bodies, the eternal school nickname, as proletarians of beauty and health, desiring more than being desirable.

We speak as fat Transfeminists, radicals, because it is not enough to destroy gender if we do not blow up the body norms as well. Because deep down, we disgust your system of vigorousness, strength, and fertilization (labor and military). We speak as those Fats who do not eat meat, those who believe that racism, sexism, heterosexism and speciesism need to be destroyed. Those who do not want to work, who want to stop being, abort. Those who do not want to give birth, be on strike.

We also speak as the fat and hairy, the smelly, the ugly, Hyperfemenine faggots, the ones who are not seen in porn, or only as a fetish, the butch, scruffy, the ones who burp at the table, disgusting, disturbed, excessive, never quiet nor impeccable.

We were de cool chubby girl, the one nobody asks to dance with, the one who could never stay on a diet, the ashamed one, that had to cover herself, the fucking cow, the one you always wanted to shut her mouth, the swine, obese, greaseball, oily, whale, Jabba, the “Gonzalo Cáceres”, the ball, fat. For the others, our body is a big deformed balloon, greasy.

Because every one of us is potencially a fat anorexic.

We do not wish to modify ourselves or be accepted because of what we are “on the inside”.

We do not want to torture ourselves with diets and extreme exercise, we wish to unlearn desires and want our bodies to become potency of desire, just for the sake of being a body.

We talk for those fat girls who still inhabit a space of silence, shame, mock. We invite you not to step out of the closet of size, but to destroy it.

The mirror is not a reflection of reality, what we see in it, is nothing more than a social construction that needs to be deconstructed.

We take out our claws, we howl as wolves and leave the space of silence.